Vitrified bond grinding wheel application

2022-11-17 14:37:39

The vitrified bond grinding wheel has the characteristics of long service life, sharp cutting, high efficiency, less heating and clogging during grinding, easy control of machining accuracy and convenient dressing, etc.

It has been widely used and is suitable for fine grinding of various hard alloys, ceramics, glass, jewelry, molds, tools, etc.

Resin ceramic bonded diamond centerless grinding wheel has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, good machining accuracy consistency, etc. The centerless grinding wheel produced by our company is used together with 1010. 1020, 1040, 1050 and 1080 centerless grinders, which can meet the requirements of different manufacturers for grinding performance, and the product quality is stable.

Resin diamond centerless grinding wheel shall be used for coarse grinding, semi fine grinding and fine grinding of cemented carbide bars.

High grinding efficiency and relatively slow grinding wheel consumption;

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