Diamond micro powder application

2022-11-17 14:23:21

Diamond micro powder refers to diamond particles finer than 54 microns, including single crystal diamond micro powder and polycrystalline diamond micro powder. Due to the large output and wide application fields of single crystal diamond micro powder, the industry generally refers to the single crystal diamond micro powder.

The single crystal diamond micro powder is produced by the special process of superhard materials after grinding and shaping of synthetic diamond single crystal abrasive particles by static pressure method.

Diamond micro powder has high hardness and good wear resistance, and can be widely used in cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, etc. It is an ideal raw material for grinding and polishing hard alloy, ceramics, gemstones, optical glass and other high hardness materials. Diamond micro powder products are tools and components made of diamond micro powder.

Polycrystalline diamond powder is made from graphite by a unique directional blasting method. The shock wave of directional blasting of high detonation velocity explosives accelerates the flight of metal flyers and impacts the graphite sheets, resulting in the transformation of graphite into polycrystalline diamond.

Its structure is very similar to that of the natural Carbonado diamond. Its particles are made of tiny diamond grains through unsaturated bonds, and have good toughness.

However, because the polycrystalline diamond powder is limited by the synthesis conditions, there are few manufacturers, and the product cost is high. At the same time, the particle size that can be provided in batches is not more than 10 microns, which limits its application field.

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