Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Application

2022-11-17 14:39:54

Grinding of PCD, PCBN, MCD, CVD, hard alloy and other cutting tools Strong grinding force, good retention of grinding wheel shape during grinding, and high precision of grinding workpiece; There are many air holes in the grinding wheel, which are conducive to chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding, and are not easy to block or burn the workpiece; The grinding wheel has good self sharpening performance, long trimming interval, and is easy to trim.

Zhengzhou BOSDI Abrasives Co., Ltd. is committed to providing efficient and economical tool grinding solutions. Ceramic diamond grinding wheels for grinding PCD, PCBN, CVD, MCD, milling cutters, reamers, drill bits, regrinding, hard alloy and other cutting tools, Selection of Particle Size for Ceramic Diamond Grinding Wheel, ► W40 (500 # D35) W28 (D20) rough grinding W20 (800 # -1000 #, D20) semi rough grinding W10 (1500 # D15A) W7 (2000 # D15B) precision grinding ► W5 (3000 # D7) W3.5 (4000 # D3) D1 (10000 #) ultra precision grinding.

This type of grinding wheel is suitable for machining superhard tool materials, flat end grinding of hard alloy blades, diamond composite discs (PCD), cubic boron nitride composite discs (PCBN), cylindrical and chamfer grinding. High processing efficiency, lifespan, and batch export to the most developed countries in the mechanical industry such as Germany, Japan, and the United States, with leading technology and research and development capabilities domestically. The width of the grinding wheel ring is as narrow as 1mm! Diamond particle size is as fine as 1 μ Ultra precision grinding wheel with a grain size of m! Mo Ao has devoted himself to research and development, and has successfully developed precision grinding wheels with grinding wheel ring widths up to 1mm! The particle size is only 1 μ M’s domestic ceramic bond diamond cutting tool grinding wheel! This new product solves the problem of agglomeration of ultra-fine grained abrasives, strictly controls the quality of abrasives, and through mastering the performance of abrasives, produces binders that match ultra-fine grained abrasives, adjusts the optimal formula, optimizes the forming process, combines the corresponding sintering temperature curve, and finally integrates with high-precision mechanical processing. Reduce the number of repairs and maintain the force UP! Both the outer and inner circles of a plane can correspond without a center. The 3 µ m and 1 µ m series grinding wheels are not only suitable for ultra precision grinding of PCD and CBN single crystal tools; It can also precision grind customized tools such as PCD milling cutters and reamers.

When we choose diamond grinding wheels, we can choose the right one according to our own use; For example, when we polish the hard ground, we should choose the soft carcass grinding wheel; If the ground is quite soft, we can choose a relatively hard carcass.

For ground grinding with different roughness, we should also choose a more appropriate particle size. Generally, we should choose a softer matrix and a grinding wheel with high quality for rough grinding. Large particle size can be selected, such as 16 #, 20 # or 30/40 #. Selecting such a suitable grinding wheel can increase the working efficiency; For fine grinding, we can also call it polishing. We can choose the grinding wheel with hard matrix and fine particles, such as 80 # – 120 #, or other finer particles according to the needs of grinding.

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