Rcgx series cubic boron nitride tool application

2022-11-17 14:18:24

This type of blade is highly applied to the finishing of the raceway of the rotary table bearing, realizing the turning instead of grinding, and the efficiency is increased by more than 5 times compared with grinding.

Cubic boron nitride cutter has extremely high hardness and red hardness, and can withstand high cutting speed.

It is suitable for ultra-high speed machining of steel workpieces. It is an ideal cutting tool for high-speed machining of quenched steel, chilled cast iron, high-temperature alloy and other materials.

Because CBN tool can obtain good surface roughness when machining high hardness parts, cutting hardened steel with CBN tool can greatly improve the machining efficiency on the premise of ensuring the quality, and has the longest service life in high-speed cutting.

Cubic boron nitride tool is suitable for turning and milling of high-strength steel, mainly for semi finishing and finishing. Using CBN tool to finish machining, the cutting effect is significantly better than that of cemented carbide and ceramic tools.

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