Resin grinding wheel application

2022-11-18 10:30:16

The grinding wheel is one of the most widely used abrasives with the largest amount. It rotates at high speed when used, and can grind or polish the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various profiles of metal or non-metallic workpieces. It is widely used for grinding metal products, such as grinding steel ingots, castings, welds, rust removal, burring, etc.

BOSDI resin cutting and grinding wheel are made of high-quality export abrasives, combined with advanced production technology and scientific materials, which ensure that the quality of our products is not easy to change. BOSDI the unique formula and fully automatic tunnel kiln curing, together with the unique formula and balance monitoring, make our products sharper, more prominent in performance and better feel in comparison with similar products. Especially the ultra-thin cutting pieces series are BOSDI pride. The products are sharp, burn free No burrs. It also has the advantages of high tensile, impact and bending strength

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