Resin Mini Cutting Disc Application

2022-11-18 10:27:10

Denture cutting sheets, also known as metallographic cutting sheets, ultra-thin cutting sheet manufacturers, small sections, metallographic cutting sheets, and ultra-thin resin cutting discs, Specifications: 22×0.3-0.8×1.8mm; 27×0.3-1.0×1.8mm; 33×0.4-1.2×1.8mm; 38×0.5-1.5×1.8mm, Packaging: 100 pieces/box, Usage: Suitable for dental molds, dentistry, teeth, jade, jewelry, Application: Cut-off, slotting and slitting, Due to its small size and ultra-thin design, other specifications can be customized. We welcome domestic and foreign customers to contact us for inquiries.

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