Middle East Dubai International Hardware Tool Exhibition

2023-07-14 15:08:28

From 10am on October 2, 2023 to 8pm on October 4, the Middle East Dubai International Hardware Exhibition will be held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center.The Dubai International Hardware Exhibition in the Middle East is one of the world-renowned brand exhibitions organized by Frankfurt Company, and is also the most professional hardware tool exhibition in Dubai. It was first held in 2000. The entire Middle East region is currently in an era of active development and construction, which has stimulated an increasing market demand for hardware tools. The latest forecast indicates that the annual growth rate of this industry may exceed 11%. This exhibition is undoubtedly a different choice for hardware tool companies to explore the Middle East market. The 21st exhibition in 2020 will continue to be held simultaneously with the Dubai (Frankfurt) Auto Parts Exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center. At that time, the Hardware Exhibition will occupy the entire exhibition area of Zabeel2 Hall, and the co hosting of the Auto Parts Exhibition will gather higher popularity, attract more professional purchasers who share the same industry in auto parts and hardware to attend and negotiate, and share richer customer resources.

The last exhibition attracted 166 exhibitors from 13 countries around the world to showcase the latest products in hardware, tools, and machinery from over 250 brands. The total area of the exhibition is about 6000 square meters, with 2998 visitors from distributors, retailers, and other professionals during the exhibition period, mainly from nearly 69 countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. In terms of Guan Gan’s evaluation of the exhibition, 72% of the audience felt very satisfied with this visit; 92% of visitors plan to continue visiting the next exhibition; In terms of audience invitation, 30.03% of the audience serve as procurement consultants in the company, 38.98% of the audience have the right to make procurement decisions, and 17.63% of the audience have the right to make procurement suggestions.

【 Exhibition Scope 】

Tools: electric tools, hand tools, Pneumatic tool, measuring and detecting tools, wave pressure tools and accessories, professional tools and accessories, magnetic tools and accessories

Hardware: building hardware, door hardware, furniture hardware, sales orders&accessories, window hardware, consumables, abrasive materials, adhesives, anchors, fasteners, accessories, coatings, nails&rivets, paint, plastic sealing, screws, nuts;

Building materials: aluminum products, doors and windows, flooring&flooring, ladders, scaffolding, elevators, metal products, steel products, plastic rubber materials, wood products;

Construction machinery: aluminum product processing machinery, woodworking machinery cleaning machinery, workshop machinery, safety and labor protection equipment, components, mold making machines, drilling machines, cutting machines, welding machinery, etc.

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