Black technology – nano diamond coating technology

2022-11-14 12:00:00

At present, several leading companies of circuit board technology with foresight have introduced nano diamond coated PCB micro drill products, which have realized reserves and leadership in technology and quality level and enhanced the adaptability of the market.

In recent years, the main line of the development and progress of PCB micro drill has been how to reduce costs, from overall cemented carbide to steel handle welding, and then to plug-in and flat welding, so as to meet the increasingly huge circuit board market and the pattern of increasingly fierce competition. However, it can not be ignored that with the rapid change of electronic products, the innovation of communication technology and the rise of intelligent vehicles, the progress of circuit board materials and the improvement of quality requirements have exceeded the development speed of PCB drilling tools, resulting in a certain degree of mismatch in specific fields.

For example, ceramic plates are more and more widely used. In the field of base stations, automobiles, and even broader mobile phones in the future, the amount of ceramic plates will be more and more.

However, the machining problem of ceramic plates has deterred most manufacturers. Although the processing profit is relatively high, the problems of low processing efficiency, low yield, difficult to ensure quality and high drill cost caused by frequent tool change still make most factories unable to receive a large number of orders or deliver smoothly. This is because the hardness of ceramic filler in ceramic plate is much higher than that of cemented carbide of ordinary drill bit, resulting in the embarrassing situation of “soft knife” drilling “hard plate”.

There are only about 100-200 holes in the processing of ceramic plate, and the ordinary drill bit has been seriously worn, resulting in problems such as excessive hole diameter and serious hole explosionHowever, nano diamond coated drill bits can drill 10000 holes with slight wear.

Diamond coating really solves this problem. As the hardness of diamond is the king of nature, reaching 9000-10000hv, which is much higher than that of ceramic materials such as silica and cemented carbide (about 2000hv). Using diamond coating makes the tool re-establish the hardness advantage of machining materials, so as to realize ultra long service life and high machining quality.

The difficulty of controlling the hole thickness (concave convex degree in the hole) of medium and large aperture is another difficult problem perplexing the circuit board processing plant. This problem has not been effectively solved through the adjustment of processing parameters and tool structure. The nano diamond coated bit developed by Sino German nano micro technology has achieved an effective solution. Using the excellent characteristics of diamond coating, such as super wear resistance and ultra-high thermal conductivity, the diameter of medium and large aperture hole can be reduced to very small, and the problems such as hole explosion can be improved. At the same time, due to the ultra long service life of diamond bit, the processing efficiency is improved, the output is improved and the comprehensive cost is reduced.

In addition, the nano diamond coated bit also solves the drilling problems of copper substrate and thick back plate. 

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must sharpen his tools first. Under the background of upgrading PCB materials and increasing quality requirements, the progress of tools and the application of new technologies are imperative.

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